Roofing contractor in Mont-Tremblant

Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur is a recognized provider in Mont-Tremblant for roofing renovation and maintenance. It is important to live in a building that is in good condition on all levels. Moreover, it is recommended to check at least once a year the general condition of your home.

In Canada, the weather and insects wear down homes every year. Don’t wait until you’re underwater before you react. We present you our services and the advantages of a roof in good condition.

Roofing contractor in Mont-Tremblant

Roofing contractor Saint-Sauveur: an expert in the field

Roofing work is important in a house or a commercial, residential, institutional or industrial building. It is important to detect small cracks, moisture and deterioration. You can call upon our services to make an inventory and define together the solution in adequacy with your budget. At this time, we would like to introduce you to our Saint-Sauveur roofing services.

A team of professionals

Our craftsmen work according to the standards in force. Whether it’s a repair, renovation or refurbishment job, we are trained to do clean, safe and solid work. Entrust us with all your flat or sloped roof renovation work and benefit from a perfect structure. Our years of experience in the field are the best guarantee of the quality of our services.

Quality equipment and following the safety standards

We offer our customers the peace of mind of a job well done without stress and without supervision. We have all the necessary equipment for the work to be done. Our roofers and tinsmiths are equipped according to the safety standards in our trade. We deliver the work according to the specifications and on time. In order to meet our commitments, we make sure to use modern equipment and the latest technology.


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A custom-made estimate adapted to all budgets

We are above all a human-sized company. We care about your safety and well-being. Together, we can find the right approach for the repair or renovation in the shortest possible time. Moreover, we offer very competitive rates and expert advice to minimize your expenses. However, quality is our first motto. We offer the best quality/price ratio in the region.

All-risk insurance on the construction site

The residential, industrial or institutional building is fully covered by our commercial insurance policy for the duration of the work. This covers tenants, bystanders, roofing contractors and the building structure in case of damage or accidents on the construction site. You can go about your usual business with complete peace of mind. We take care of restoring your roof to a perfect state of repair in accordance with the rules of the art.

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What are the stages of roofing work?

Once you have decided to hire us, we provide you with a dynamic team to carry out the work.

A first inspection visit

We cannot provide a custom quote without knowing the condition of your roof. We can come directly on the future site to detect problems or analyze a video of the state of the premises. You have the opportunity to work with professionals who quickly detect breakage, mold and other deterioration. Thus, we can decide together on the appropriate and effective solutions to adopt.

Repair work

It is important to repair cracks and damaged parts of your roof in time. Sometimes some damage is no longer repairable and requires more budget. Renovation may be the best solution in case of major damage. We also take care of insulation, waterproofing and snow removal of roofs.

Replacement work

A roof change involves a large budget. You have the choice between several coatings for this project, namely :

  • Shingle Roof;
  • Slate roof;
  • Tile roof;
  • The elastomer roof;
  • The green roof.

Shingle and elastomeric roofs are the most popular with customers because they are easy to maintain, strong and durable. In addition, these coatings are accessible and less expensive. However, you can also choose the charm of a slate roof or the modernity of a green roof.

Roofing contractor in Mont-Tremblant

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