Roofing contractor in Saint-Jérôme

The roof of your building in Saint-Jérôme needs an intervention? The technicians at Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur can take care of this operation. As a reminder, the role of a roof is to protect a building while contributing to the comfort of its inhabitants. It is a device that will prevent water from seeping in and damaging the structure. The roof inevitably becomes fragile with wear and tear and due to external aggression. Regular maintenance is required.

On the other hand, repair work can be useful. What does Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur offer?

Roofing contractor in Saint-jérôme

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Couvreur Saint-Sauveur : your roofing specialist

Our artisans at Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur can take care of various work on your roof. We ensure efficient and safe interventions, whether for a residential, commercial, institutional or industrial building.

The work is carried out with total respect for the hygiene and integrity of your property. We do everything possible to offer you long-lasting, aesthetic and standard results. Moreover, you can be reassured about the respect of the deadlines. Also, we have tips on how to take care of your possessions.

Different types of intervention

We work in many areas in and around Saint-Sauveur. You can take advantage of our services if you live in Saint-Jérôme. Whether you want to take care of a flat roof or a shingled roof, we are the right provider for you. We can maintain or repair your roof. Our technicians come to your home to make a diagnosis and plan the necessary intervention(s).

Emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Unexpected things can happen to your roof, whether it’s an accident or a breakdown. We can intervene in emergency at any time of the day and any day of the week. Our team can take care of urgent jobs. Do not hesitate to contact us to prevent the situation from worsening and to quickly apply the repair measures.

Please note that we systematically carry out an inventory before acting and reacting. The identification of the origin of the breakdown is essential for an efficient repair.

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No matter what you need done, you can get an estimate of the cost of the work required. The bill will be different depending on the operation: it can be a maintenance or a replacement.

Let us know your problems and your requirements via the free form that we provide online. We can determine the feasibility of the work and the amount it will cost you.

High quality equipment

We use high quality equipment for our interventions. Note that you can do the repairs yourself, but it is not recommended. Indeed, the work is done at height and requires specific equipment.

As professionals, we have all the necessary equipment to carry out the work in the best conditions and avoid risks (accidents, falls…).

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Our services in Saint-Jérôme

Inspection of your roof

Our first intervention usually consists of an inspection of your roof and other elements of your building if necessary. An inspection specialist will be dispatched to your home to conduct an inspection. Nothing is left to chance. Numerous elements are thus examined such as the joints or the gaskets.

Roof repair

Your roof is constantly under attack. Whether it is the climate or the environment. Added to this is the inevitable wear and tear. Repairs are necessary over the years, especially if maintenance has been neglected.

Call on our services at the slightest sign of moisture or infiltration. These are signs that let you know that a repair is needed.


In some cases, a repair is no longer sufficient and your roof must be replaced. If this is the result of the diagnosis, we can take care of the removal of the old device and its replacement.

Snow removal from roofs

This should normally be done at least once a year in the middle of winter. The objective is to prevent the cover from bearing too much weight which could cause it to sag. Snow removal prevents cracks and other failures.

Our professional and experienced craftsmen have the necessary skills to remove snow and ice from your structure.


Maintenance is essential to preserve your roof and to ensure that it does its job. The intervention differs according to the roof: the roofer will adopt the most appropriate approach depending on the structure and the objectives of the operation.

Roofing contractor in Saint-jérôme

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