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A leaking or collapsing roof requires an emergency intervention. You then need an ideal provider to repair or change it. At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we offer just the services you need. We are available 24/7 for inspection, repair or maintenance. It is recommended to act quickly when the damage is present. We are a team of professionals who intervene in the rules of the trade. Don’t hesitate to call on our services!

Urgence Toiture 24/7 à Saint-sauveur

Why choose Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur?

We take care of all roofing work for residential, industrial, commercial or institutional buildings. You can contact us at any time for installation, renovation, maintenance and even snow removal. Our rates are competitive and we are a human-sized company. We can also advise you on the choice of materials according to your budget.

A team of professionals at your service

Roofing work is both expensive and dangerous. It is imperative that you call in the professionals when you notice damage. At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we will quickly send a team to assess your problem and propose solutions at any time, day or night. It is recommended to perform maintenance at least once a year to avoid major failures.

20 years of experience to our credit

Our qualified technicians are at your disposal. We also offer you the benefit of our years of experience in residential, industrial, institutional and commercial roofing. We also work with high quality equipment and innovative tools. Furthermore, the safety of our roofing craftsmen and the safety of your home’s structure is our priority. We work in accordance with the standards imposed by our profession.

A free online quote

We provide our customers with an online service to obtain a roofing estimate. To do so, you can fill out our “free quote” form. This document allows us to know the work to be done on the roof. We will provide you with an approximate estimate within 24 hours. A live inspection or a video will allow us to see the real problems of your structure and to bring the best solutions.

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What are the most common roofing jobs?

We are able to carry out all the work of roofing of your house and this, with innovative techniques for an impeccable result. The quality of our services is our brand image. You can go about your daily business with peace of mind while we take care of the work.

Installation of roofing

Roofing is the installation of new roofing. We offer our services at unbeatable prices. In addition, we will identify together the best coverage for your budget, while taking into account the safety and longevity of your structure. You can choose between several materials. Options include:

  • The shingle roof: resistant and easy to maintain;
  • The elastomeric roof: durable and robust;
  • The metal roof: ideal for winters, but noisy;
  • The flat roof: aesthetic and economical;
  • The slate roof: high quality, but expensive;
  • The green roof: ecological and sustainable.

As you can see, it is important in Canada to choose a covering that corresponds to the climatic conditions. The most popular roof coverings are the shingle roof, the flat roof and the elastomeric roof. You too, do not hesitate to entrust us with your project!

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Roof repair

Roofing renovations are still possible if the damage does not affect the structure of your home. It is recommended that you call our repair services as soon as you suspect a failure. Don’t wait for the structure to collapse or for water to seep through the walls before taking action! We are available at any time to carry out an assessment and to discuss together the necessary actions.

The repair concerns all types of coatings. We have all the tools to repair an elastomeric roof or a shingled roof. We are meticulous in our work and make sure that we don’t further degrade your installation. We always remain very professional in our interventions.

Roof maintenance and snow removal

It is important to take care of your flat or pitched roof to ensure that it is strong and durable. Maintenance is recommended at least once a year. The main purpose is to find out if your structure has any deficiencies that could cause major damage. The same is true for snow removal, as the drainage system can fail and the weight of the accumulated ice could collapse your roof and its structure. We can then intervene in an emergency if necessary.

You can recognize a roofing problem with water stains on the ceiling or, even worse, if it is sagging. However, you can avoid large expenses or even significant damage by using our expertise. In fact, we can come to your home for an inspection without having to do any maintenance or snow removal work. It all depends on the condition of the roof and the verdict of our technicians. You will have peace of mind and the comfort of your home is assured all year round.

An emergency service at your disposal

You can reach us at any time, 24/7, for all of your roof repair needs. Keep in mind that a leak is never harmless. Call our emergency services for a quick inspection and we will study together the feasibility of repairing or re-roofing your roof.

Urgence Toiture 24/7 à Saint-sauveur

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