Roofing contractor in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

A roof plays a double role, protecting the building and contributing to the well-being of the tenants. It should be noted that this structure is constantly undergoing external aggressions, notably the capricious climate of Quebec.

The structure then becomes fragile and could even let water infiltrate the house. To prevent this from happening, maintenance or repair is essential. At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we intervene in just this type of situation to limit the damage.

Roofing contractor in Sainte-agathe-des-monts

A roofing professional in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

Intervention everywhere in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

Do you have a problem with the roof of your building? But you’re not sure whether to maintain it, repair it or replace it. Our team of certified roofers can travel to the building to perform a structural diagnosis. Our intervention area covers many neighborhoods. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

A team of technicians at your disposal

Entrusting the repair of a building’s roof to professionals in the field gives you peace of mind. They conduct each operation in compliance with safety standards.

Our craftsmen take care to protect the goods in the building site. They pay attention to details for a durable, solid and aesthetic result. We take care of the roof of an industrial, institutional or commercial building. Please note that with each intervention, we provide advice to reduce the frequency of repairs as much as possible.

Complete and good quality equipment

Some homeowners do their own repair work on damaged roofs, but this is not the best solution. Indeed, this operation is dangerous, especially because the work is done at height. The risk of accident is high if there is no suitable equipment.

Let our roofers handle this type of work. They are well equipped to carry out various interventions. This way, the risk of injuries, accidents and falls is minimized.

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An emergency service

In the event of an accident or failure of your roof, our emergency service is available day or night, 24/7. You can contact us at any time of the year. We have a team that intervenes especially for urgent work.

Call us as soon as you notice something suspicious about your roof. The faster you act, the more limited the damage will be. In addition, we can perform a routine inspection of any type of building. We always identify the source of a problem before establishing a repair plan.

Work estimate

We can provide an estimate for a roof repair, maintenance or replacement job if you need it. Just tell us about the problem and submit your needs, requirements and objectives. It is also worthwhile to request an inspection for a more accurate estimate.

A free online form, available on our website, is at your disposal. Mention your requests. We study them and provide you with a detailed estimate as soon as possible.

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Complete services for your roofing work


We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible after you have identified a problem with your flat or sloped roof.

A team of technicians will come to your home to make an inventory. They will examine many elements, including joints and edges.


A replacement is an operation to completely renovate the roof of a residential or other building. This is a real long-term investment.

It allows you to enjoy a new roof and avoid the repetitive repairs of the previous roof. We ensure quality work and respect for safety standards.


Weather, insects and wear and tear are among the most common enemies of a roof. These degrading factors are compounded by pollution and a seaside location.

A roof exposed to these elements will quickly require repair, especially if it is not maintained regularly. Contact us to define the necessary intervention(s), especially in the case of moisture stains on walls or frames.


Maintenance is essential for your structure, whether it’s a shingle roof or not. This operation consolidates the resistance of the roof to external factors.

Each structure has its own approach. Our roofers will determine the most suitable operation to ensure that the roof is resistant to ultraviolet rays, temperature and snow.

Snow removal

Snow removal from roofs is an operation that is performed annually during each snow period. It consists of reducing the layer of ice on the roof, responsible for damage and collapse.

Our team includes certified roofers and de-icing professionals. Call on our services for a safe, professional and respectful snow removal of your installations.

Roofing contractor in Sainte-agathe-des-monts

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