Roofing contractor in Saint-Adèle

Every year, many homeowners inspect the roof of their building. This structure is subject to damage caused by weather, snow, insects and other external factors. They must act or react in time to limit possible damage. They then call on professionals in the field like us at Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur.

Discover the interventions we can perform on your building.

Roofing contractor in Saint-adèle

Our interventions on roofs

The inspection

Direct or indirect inspection is the first step of our intervention. We examine the condition of your roof to determine the presence of any anomalies.

We check for sagging areas, damaged parts, puddles and moss. The results then allow us to define the most appropriate intervention for the situation.

The repair

After the inspection comes the repair or other operation to improve the condition of your roof. Our certified roofers guarantee that the work will be done according to the standards.

They will carry out a variety of work to protect the building, including a complete renovation if necessary. They will do everything necessary to ensure the integrity of your building.


This operation is essential to extend the life of a roof. There are several advantages to including it in your annual work. It keeps your shingle or tin roof in good condition.

The structure remains operational and continues to give the building its look. Contact us, we have competent roofers capable of carrying out this type of mission. They take the opportunity to identify future anomalies that could cause damage.

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Snow removal from roofs

This intervention is essential when the structure supports a significant amount of snow. It is necessary to act as soon as possible, especially if the ice cover is about to exceed 60 cm.

The same is true if you start to hear cracking noises. This situation exposes the roof to water infiltration, damage and, in the worst case, collapse.

The replacement

Our certified roofers suggest roof replacement when the damage is irreparable. We have the expertise to oversee the work.

Our technicians take care of different types of roofs, on commercial, institutional, residential or industrial buildings.

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Quality services

A complete and adequate equipment

We use professional and quality equipment for a work done in the standards. Our tinsmiths and roofers have the right tools to carry out inspection, repair or replacement work.

A commercial insurance policy

Re-roofing is a delicate operation involving real risks. Tenants, roofers, neighbors and passers-by must be kept safe during the work.

It is important to know that our services are covered by a commercial insurance policy in case of incidents involving human or material damage. Opt for our services to have peace of mind regarding the progress of activities on the site.

A work in the standards

You can entrust us with the maintenance or repair of your roof without fear. Our roofers carry out work safely and in compliance with standards for a professional result. They have several years of experience in this type of operation. In all cases, we take care of the details for a durable, resistant and aesthetic roof.

A great availability

Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or doubts about your flat or sloped roof. We are accessible every day and even on weekends if you need an intervention. Do not hesitate to submit your availability, we will adapt accordingly.

Fair pricing

Our concern is to offer you quality work at a competitive price. Customer satisfaction remains one of our priorities. To do this, we charge competitive rates while ensuring that the work is done according to standards.

What can you expect from roofing work in Saint-Adele?

A maintained or repaired roof does its job well. Let’s take the case of sheet metal structures. They are even more resistant when they are regularly maintained. A frame with a roof in good condition is protected from humidity, insects and other degrading factors. Entrust your roof to our technicians at Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur. Whether it is for an inspection, maintenance or repair, your building is in good hands.

Roofing contractor in Saint-adèle

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