Snow and ice removal from roofs

Snow accumulation on the roof can lead to water infiltration and, in the worst cases, collapse. At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we can intervene quickly, and even in emergency, for the de-icing of your structure. In Canada, it is recommended to check the condition of the roof after a period of heavy snowfall and at least once a year. We are at your service to offer you quality work and a professional team.

Couvreur Saint-Sauveur : the specialist in snow removal work

It is risky to do your own snow and ice removal. It is necessary to use safety equipment and according to the standards imposed in the trade. The dangers for the individuals are numerous, an electrocution, a fall or a fainting are the risks incurred. We are a team of professionals and we intervene in an efficient way. Moreover, we take care not to damage the coatings.

A team of professionals at your service

Whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building, we take care of snow and ice removal from the roof. Make no mistake, the ice that accumulates on your roof will not go away on its own. In addition, in its solid state, this material becomes heavy and can damage the structure of your roof. It is urgent to call on our services so that you do not have to carry out costly repair or rehabilitation work.

Snow & Ice Removal Saint-sauveur

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Equipment at the cutting edge of new technologies

This type of intervention is dangerous for an individual. It is imperative to have your home cleared of snow by a professional. At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we have modern tools for the safety of our roofers. We also use the techniques best suited to a shingled or elastomeric roof. We carry out the tasks in the rules of art. Your roof will be clean and the water will flow through the drainage system.

A free online quote

This winter, we are offering you customized snow removal services. To benefit from this, you can now request a quote online on our official website. All you have to do is fill out an online form and mention the condition of your roof. Our team will study your request and will send you, thereafter, a quote at the right price.

When does your roof need snow removal?

Don’t wait until your roof collapses before calling on our services. Your residential, industrial, commercial or institutional building has visible signs to alert you to snow removal work. In any case, it is important to remove snow from the roof in time to avoid damaging the structure of the building. Roof sagging can be recognized by the following signs:

  • Moisture on the ceiling;
  • Ceiling deformation;
  • Cracking noises on the roof;
  • Cracks on the walls.

If you have noticed these events, we can intervene quickly and you will not have to do any roof repair work yourself. However, the damage can only be truly identified after the snow removal work of our professional team. Don’t wait for the walls to collapse to remove the snow that has accumulated on your roof.

What are the main snow removal jobs?

After a heavy snow, it is important to check the thickness of the ice layer on your roof. Whether the roof is flat or sloped, the weight of the snow can damage the structure of the house and the roof.

A direct inspection

We will gladly come and do an inspection of your roof. We will check if snow or ice removal is needed. At the end of this first visit, we will indicate the steps to follow. We will also provide you with a fair price quote. In any case, snow removal is sometimes essential to avoid damage caused by the collapse of your home. In fact, it is recommended to check the roof for snow deposits throughout the winter.

Securing the site

During the snow removal work, our technicians will set up a security perimeter on the site. This ice dumping area is necessary to avoid accidents. It should be noted that it is formally forbidden to circulate in this perimeter during the duration of the work. The building is secured so that passers-by are not affected by ice debris. Finally, roofing craftsmen can work from the ground or at height depending on the type of building.

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