Roof inspection

The roof of your home should always be in perfect condition to avoid water infiltration and energy loss. It is recommended that you check the condition of your flat or pitched roof at least once a year. At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we are your ideal partner for this type of mission. An inspection can be dangerous for individuals. You can also call on our services in case of major damage, day or night.

Why have a roof inspection?

At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we put at your disposal a team of qualified and experienced workers in repair and maintenance work. In Canada, weather conditions – especially winters – are quite harsh and can damage the structure. Therefore, it is difficult and highly recommended to do an inspection during the winter season. Snow and ice do not allow our technicians to properly detect roofing problems.

However, sometimes signs of poor condition are visible inside the residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building. You can recognize a leaky roof by the presence of mold, water stains on the walls or moss and fungus on the ceiling. In these cases, our intervention is necessary so that the anomalies do not degrade the structure of your home. An inspection by our specialized craftsmen is then necessary.

Roof Inspection Saint-sauveur

Report of possible damages

Renovations can easily add up to a lot of money in a household. It is then recommended that you maintain your roof properly so that it will last for years. For this, an inspection is necessary for a repair, a maintenance or just for a statement. You must understand that leaks in the drainage system or cracks are major damages. An examination by the professional care team can help you to see more clearly.

In case of wear or breakage of the coating, we offer repair work at the best price. In the worst case, you will smell bad odors in your home. At this point, the roof is in danger of collapsing. In addition, water that stagnates or seeps in is harmful to the health of the tenants. You may experience breathing problems and headaches. Don’t wait until the structure is in bad shape before contacting us.

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How does the roof inspection work?

As you can see, the routine inspection must be done in daylight and in good weather. The inspection work of our roofing craftsmen consists of checking every corner of the flat or sloped roof. Moreover, they are equipped with specific clothing and tools to perform this task in the rules of the trade. We have a team of technicians, but also modern and innovative equipment.

Access to flat or sloped roof

This step depends on the configuration and height of your building. First, our technicians will ask you some standard questions about the general condition of the structure. Insects can also cause problems. However, they will check all surfaces of your roof with their own eyes. To access them, they will use telescopic ladders or even a drone for a more meticulous inspection.

Control of the building

Our team is in charge of verifying the entire external part of an industrial, commercial, residential or institutional building. Craftsmen will detect any signs of drainage system failure, including cracks and swelling in the walls as well as gutters. Sometimes a little maintenance is all it takes to keep you dry and warm all winter long. In particular, our technicians can just remove the dead leaves that are clogging the duct.

The inspection inside the house is also essential during our intervention. This intervention allows us to detect if there is a problem with the frame and the pillars. Insects and other pests sometimes weaken the structure and can lead to collapse. In this case, you need an emergency intervention from our specialists as soon as possible. A repair or refurbishment must be done to have peace of mind.

Inspection of the roof covering

There are several types of siding that are popular and suitable for the Canadian climate. Here are the most commonly used of these and the reviews to undertake:

  • The shingle roof: a careful inspection for sun cracks is essential;
  • The flat roof: an inspection of the drainage system is required for the waterproofing test;
  • The metal roof: the metal sheet must be in good condition and without rust;
  • The elastomeric roof: an elastomeric membrane is extremely flammable. The repair of this type of coating requires the use of a flashlight and the knowledge of a professional;
  • Slate roof: slates with cracks should be inspected;
  • The tile roof: check the tiles that have moved;
  • The green roof: it is necessary to control the absence of leakage.

Inspection work is serious and requires the sharp eye of professionals. After the checks, our technicians on site can already give you an overview of the damage and the appropriate repair work. We offer a service at the best rate and adapted to the budget of everyone. Our goal is to get you out of the weather and out of the cold in a short period of time. Do not hesitate to call us in case of emergency!

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What are the outcomes of a roof inspection?

A first visit is essential before any repair work, maintenance or snow removal. This visit allows us to define the extent of the damage and the work that we have to do. We will provide you with all the details of this careful study within 24 hours, as well as an estimate for the renovation work. Sometimes it’s just a little routine maintenance. Otherwise, major work may be required. Everything depends on the diagnosis during this visit.

It is not recommended that you perform this task yourself. Indeed, examining a roof seems to be an operation accessible to a weekend handyman, but the dangers are very real. You may feel uncomfortable and fall down. It is prudent to use our services for work at height and on slopes. The flat roof is easy to inspect, but you probably don’t have the knowledge and experience to spot problems. We have the latest techniques and equipment for this type of intervention.

Couvreur Saint-Sauveur : a reference in the region

We are a team of roofers, tinsmiths and specialized technicians with over 20 years of experience in our field. You can entrust us with all your roofing problems and together we will find the best solutions to restore the structure. In addition, we offer unbeatable prices and impeccable quality. You can’t find a better team of professionals than ours. Trust us today!

Roof Inspection Saint-sauveur

A team of qualified craftsmen

Our workers and technicians have been trained to meet the standards imposed by our profession. We do our best to remain professional in our interventions. Moreover, our brand image is the quality of our work. You can entrust us with all construction, inspection, maintenance, snow removal and repair work with complete peace of mind. You benefit from the services of a serious and detail-oriented team.

Innovative and modern tools

The safety of our workers is paramount. For this, we use high quality equipment for all interventions. You also benefit from a commercial insurance policy during the roofing work. It covers workers, tenants, the building and passers-by in case of accidents during the construction. The tools used are efficient and allow us to perform precision work. You can relax, because your project is in good hands.

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A free online quote

We have posted a “free submission” form on our official website. This is a document that tells us about you – as a customer – and the general condition of your roof. Once we receive it, we will provide you with a detailed estimate within 24 hours for the work. This request is free and does not commit you to anything. You can send positive feedback and a team will inspect your home to see the damage first hand. Do not hesitate to call on us for your work.

24/7 emergency service

In case of an emergency, such as water damage or roof collapse, you can call us at any time, day or night. We come to your place for an inspection and possible quick interventions. We also recommend that you carry out an inspection before the onset of winter. In winter, snow removal is imperative when the ice cover becomes thick and heavy. The weight of heavy snow can cause severe damage.

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