How do I make an insurance claim on my roof?

Roofing problems can occur at any time, whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building. It could be water infiltration, damage from a natural disaster or others. All of this can lead to relatively extensive damage to the house or premises.

So how does your insurance for this type of problem work and how are you covered? Find out everything you need to know about the subject and how to claim insurance for your roof.

How do I make an insurance claim on my roof?

Home insurance in a few words

Wondering what kind of insurance covers your roof and any related damage? This is home insurance that includes everything from theft to water damage, vandalism and more.

Problems can happen quickly in a home and the cost of repairs can be far beyond your means. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended to purchase home insurance.

Regarding water damage, most comprehensive home insurance policies cover damage caused by water infiltration through the roof. This warranty also covers water infiltration from decks, balconies and skylights.

In order to be sure if you have coverage in case of a roofing disaster, it is strongly advised to ask your insurer, since it is not systematically included in a home insurance.

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How does roof damage coverage work?

Coverage for roof damage varies depending on the nature of the damage. Here are the main guarantees offered by insurers.

The water damage guarantee

This guarantee allows you to benefit from coverage in the event that water infiltrates your building from the roof. In this case, the insurer’s intervention is limited to the repair of interior damage caused by water infiltration.

In other words, only damages such as damaged paint, peeling wallpaper, stained floors, deteriorated woodwork or collapsed ceilings are covered. No repairs to the cause of the infiltration are covered. You must personally take care of the roof repair.

Natural disaster coverage

If the damage to your roof was caused by a natural disaster, including storms, high winds or other unusual weather conditions, you will be compensated for its restoration. There are even some contracts that include an outside clearing and relocation fee.

In the case of natural disasters, reimbursement is made for the repair of the roof, but also for the interior damage to the building or house.

Exclusions to be taken into account

There are certain exceptions that exclude coverage for repairs to both roofing and property inside the home. Here are a few cases where this exception applies:

  • In the case of water infiltration through the roof, the repair of the cause of the leak is not covered by insurance;
  • Insurers also refuse to cover the cost if the damage is due to an old leak that you have not repaired;
  • If your roof and gutters are not maintained, the insurer may also refuse to pay for repairs to leaks. The elements to be maintained concern the roof itself, the gutters, the gutters, the edges, the ridges, the flashings and the chimney surrounds.

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What are the steps to follow to make an insurance claim for your roof?

If a disaster occurs on your roof, causing damage to your residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building, here are the main steps to follow to facilitate the compensation process.

Declaration of the claim as soon as possible

As soon as you notice the damage, your first instinct should be to contact your insurer as soon as possible. Take pictures of the problem and any damaged property and the extent of the damage. Once your insurer is aware of the loss, it can begin to review your case by checking the coverage included in your home insurance policy.

Limitation of damage and its possible aggravation

It is your responsibility to prevent the damage from your roofing problem from getting worse. This can be done by removing all furniture that may be affected by water runoff in the event of water infiltration or by completely emptying the room with a completely or partially damaged roof. If possible, keep damage to a minimum.

Informing the people involved as soon as possible

If you are renting the premises, it is important to notify the owner of the house or premises as soon as possible. If the damage was caused by a public infrastructure, you must inform the municipality as soon as possible so that the responsible authorities can make decisions. They can send an emergency crew to help you clear the area or to schedule repairs.

Repair of damage

In the case of a water leak that has made its way into your roof, quickly call in a specialist who will investigate the problem. He will draw up an estimate and proceed with the repair of your roof. If it is a natural disaster, a complete roof renovation may be necessary.

How do I make an insurance claim on my roof?

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Repair and cleaning of the interior of the house

You will also need to call in specialists to repair any interior damage caused by your roofing problems. This can include furniture, walls, ceiling and any other deteriorated elements. Also, hire a cleaning service that will restore your home after the work. Keep all invoices and receipts for all expenses. You will need it for your claim with your insurer.

Creation of a list of damaged and irreparable assets

In the case where goods could not be repaired, you must list them (appliances, furniture…). If possible, bring their purchase invoice with you to make it easier for insurers to reimburse you. If you have a storage room, keep these items in a safe place until you receive compensation, in case your insurer asks for physical evidence.

Ongoing collaboration with your insurer

The process of validating your claim can be long and tedious, but the steps are worth it. Be available to your insurer at all times in case they need supporting documentation or a site visit. Make it easy for them to collect all invoices and receipts for damaged or repaired goods beforehand.

After evaluation of your case, you should receive compensation equivalent to the cost of the repairs you have already incurred. In the case of non-repairable goods, your insurer will also reimburse you for their price after analyzing their age.

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