Re-roofing in Saint-Sauveur

Re-roofing a building becomes essential in the event that anomalies persist despite repairs. Mould continues to form on the frames and in various areas of the building. The latter regularly suffers from leakage problems, despite the solutions put in place. Then contact our professional craftsmen. They will advise you on the need for a simple renovation or for more extensive repair work.

Re-roofing in Saint-sauveur

The different types of roofs to be redone

Sheet metal roofing

A sheet metal roof is available in corrugated and folded versions. It seduces by its solidity and its good quality/price ratio. It offers good protection, whether for an industrial or residential building, during the harsh cold seasons, thanks to its strong resistance to snow. This structure supports more ice than a shingled roof. It requires little maintenance, but should be done regularly to keep it operational.

Shingle roof

This type of roofing is available in different finishes, making it interesting to personalize a building, whether it is residential, institutional or commercial. Its durability is defined by its weight. A light model has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, compared to 30 years for a heavy model. The disadvantage of the cover is its sensitivity to UV rays.

Slate roofing

The slate that makes up the roof can be natural or artificial. The owners seem to have a particular infatuation for the natural version because of its elegance. The interest of this type of structure lies in its watertightness and its non-flammable character. Its lifespan is between 75 and 150 years. However, this type of roof remains fragile and requires regular maintenance, despite its heavy weight.

Green roof

The appearance of a building is enhanced with a green roof. This structure also saves space. It makes it possible to create a relaxation area on the roof. It is appreciated for its robustness and its resistance. It requires extensive and regular maintenance to remain operational for 30 years.

Elastomeric roofing

This type of roof is recommended for its resistance to the climatic conditions of Quebec. It is easy to install, repair and maintain, regardless of the season. It should be noted that elastomer is an impossible material to recycle.

Flat roof

This type of roof is popular in urban areas. A flat roof can be designed with concrete, steel or wood. It is solid and has an interesting level of waterproofness, provided you invest in a waterproof model.

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What kind of roofing should I use?


The elastomer consists of two modified bitumen membranes. Its advantage is twofold: it is both resistant and durable. Roofers use it to cover different types of structures, including flat roofs. It is easy to maintain and can replace gravel. The downside is that its composition is not very ecological.

Natural materials

Plants, especially shrubs and flowers, are natural materials that can be used for siding. They attract interest because of their good insulation level. The disadvantage is the need for strict maintenance.

Gravel, EPDM or TPO

Gravel, EPDM or TPO make up the flat roofs. Each pavement has its own specificity, especially gravel and its resistance to ultraviolet rays. For its part, TPO is appreciated for its robustness, its resistance to mildew and its lightness.

Wood or asphalt

A shingle roof owes its advantages and disadvantages to its component, namely wood or asphalt. Both coatings are characterized by their resistance to moisture. In terms of constraints, wood is a dangerous material in case of fire.

Metal, aluminum or copper

These materials are used to make a sheet metal roof. They provide a modern look to a building, provided they are maintained against rust. They are recyclable and have an interesting level of waterproofing. It is easier to do repair work with these elements because of their lightness.

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Re-roofing: the essential interventions

A homeowner can or should take a number of steps before starting any roofing work. They allow to realize the works in the best conditions, and to ensure a realization in the standards.

Inspection: essential to define the operations to be carried out

The inspection is an operation aimed at making an inventory of the premises. It allows to evaluate the structure, to examine its anomalies and to identify the necessary treatments.

At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, we have a technician who specializes in roofing diagnosis. He will evaluate the condition of the roof, the interior as well as the exterior of the building.

An inspection is essential, regardless of the intervention, even in the case of snow removal.

The organization of the construction site: for a safe realization and in the standards

The craftsmen organize the site, before the work. The goal is to arrange the work area to operate safely. Good organization of the site facilitates the recovery of nails, debris, waste and old shingles from the previous roof.

It is the duty of the craftsmen to warn tenants with children and/or pets. These should be kept away from the work site.

Tenants should also expect some changes during the retrofit. For example, tearing off the old roof and installing the nails causes a lot of vibration. In addition, small unforeseen events can occur. This situation is, of course, only temporary.

Roof repair

It is complicated and even dangerous for a private individual to undertake the repair of a roof himself. It is safer to hire an expert in the field. Not only does he have the necessary skills, but also the right tools. Here are some steps for a re-roofing:

  • Roof installation: This step focuses on the installation of the roof. A tarp is installed over the work area to protect the structure from water infiltration. This is necessary during rainy or snowy seasons.
  • The installation of waterproofing tools: they have the double advantage of ensuring the waterproofing of the roof and protecting the qualities of the insulation.
  • Finishing the work: the objective is to ensure the stability of the structure. The craftsman fixes it on its support thanks to specific devices.
Re-roofing in Saint-sauveur

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Signs that you need to re-roof

There are a number of ways to indicate that a roof is in poor condition. Take action at the first sign to limit the extent of the damage. This reduces the frequency of repairs.

The age of the roof

The lifespan of a roof can be up to 20 years, depending on the structure. Knowing the age of a roof is important in determining whether or not it should be renovated.

Deformations of the structure

Snow, drafts and temperature variations can affect the appearance of a roof. The structure becomes curved, domed or collapsed. It gradually moves away from its support, encouraging water infiltration and the appearance of mold. It is better to act as soon as possible and hire a professional, rather than accessing the roof yourself.

Debris in the gutters

Over time, debris accumulates in the gutters due to weather conditions. They damage the pipe system if left unchecked. It is therefore prudent to inspect this area regularly to avoid this type of problem.

Brown spots on the ceiling

Small interventions such as maintenance are not enough when brown spots form on the ceiling. These marks usually indicate the presence of moisture and mold. In this situation, a roof replacement is often necessary.

Budget for re-roofing

The cost of re-roofing depends on the nature of the roof and the type of intervention. Contact us for a quote on your building’s roofing repairs.

Here is an estimate of the budget to prepare according to the type of roof:

  • Flat and sheet metal roofing: a square foot of the structure costs between $12.5 and $15. The budget allocated to its rehabilitation varies according to the difficulty of the work. Expect to pay around $30,000 for a one-story building.
  • Slate roof: the service for this roof is expensive. You should allow between $22.5 and $40 for each square foot and between $25,000 and $40,000 for the entire job.
  • Elastomeric roofing: the price per square foot is between $8.5 and $14. The cost of a benefit to cover a multi-storey building can be up to $7,000.
  • Shingle roofing: expect to pay $3 to $5 per square foot and $5,000 to $7,000 to re-roof a multi-story building.
  • Green roof: a square foot of the roof is estimated to cost between $15 and $25. This price can go up to $40 for the most sophisticated configurations. The budget for the work varies depending on the drainage system and other factors.

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