Flat roof

The flat roof is recognizable by its horizontal structure, apparently without slope. However, there is a small slope that is essential for the water drainage system. This type of structure is used in large cities, especially on industrial, residential, commercial or institutional buildings. Couvreur Saint-Sauveur is a reference in roofing repairs and rebuilding. We also offer you the installation of different types of coatings.

What is a flat roof?

A flat roof is not really a flat structure. Indeed, there is a slight slope at the level of the frame, with a slope of up to 15°. Rainwater and melting snow must be evacuated to avoid damaging the commercial, industrial, institutional or residential building. This type of structure provides additional space for tenants. Many homes use the flat roof as an outdoor space, like a deck.

We offer you either a cold, warm or inverted roof. The insulation system is different for these 3 configurations. However, the inverted version is the most expensive since it involves an additional layer of insulation on the outside. In any case, we detail all our services and offers in a custom quote for your work.

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What are the different flat roof coatings?

This structure is typical of modern buildings. We offer you the most suitable coatings for Canadian climatic conditions. It is important to focus on the durability of your installation. An elastomeric, asphalt or vinyl roof is the most common in the region because of their longevity of up to 35 years. In any case, it is recommended to use our services for maintenance and snow removal.

We are committed to carrying out the installation work in compliance with safety and quality standards. Our roofers are seasoned professionals and are equipped with the most innovative tools on the market. Moreover, all our equipment is of very high quality to ensure an impeccable finish for your flat roof. We use the best installation techniques for better resistance to weather and the ravages of time.

An elastomeric roof or the asphalt/gravel combo?

The choice of your roof coating is crucial. For a modern touch, the elastomeric membrane allows you to obtain a flat roof with a color of your choice. Asphalt and gravel are also excellent. They are insulating and will keep you warm during the long winters. However, there are also multilayer coatings that combine both types of coating.

We offer you all the possibilities in terms of coatings. It’s up to you to choose the alternative that fits your needs and your budget. We offer high quality services at the best price. In fact, we are a reference in repair, installation and snow removal in the region. Don’t hesitate to ask our advice for your roofing problems. We will be happy to come to your home for an inspection.

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Why choose Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur for flat roof work?

We are a team of professionals qualified in all roof installation, repair and snow removal work. You can entrust us with your work for the installation of coating on a flat roof. We will offer you a variety of materials to suit your budget. It should be noted that this type of work requires a large budget. It is important to choose quality products and technicians for this project.

Professional craftsmen listening to your expectations

When you call on our services at Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, you benefit from our years of experience. Moreover, we carry out the various tasks in accordance with the rules of the trade. Solidity, durability and safety are our watchwords during a construction project. You can go about your normal business while we take care of your perfect flat roof. We pay attention to the standards in force in all our works.

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You can entrust us with all your repair, refurbishment and installation work. To do so, simply fill out our online form for your project. We offer you the best solution within 24 hours. A team of professionals will study your requests and provide you with an estimate at the best price as soon as possible. In addition, we also take care of the maintenance of flat, sloped or shingled roofs.

We are at your disposal to find the best solution adapted to your budget. For this, we offer prices adapted to all budgets. In any case, quality and safety are our mottos. A team of professionals will find you all the help you need for your roofing work.

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What about repair work?

Don’t wait until your flat roof is too damaged to call on our services. On the contrary, it is recommended to check the condition of your structure at least once a year. Snow and insects are the enemies of your installation. If you have a crack or moisture on the ceiling, it is urgent to turn to a roofing craftsman. Besides, regular maintenance is enough to save on flat roof repair work. In addition, snow removal from the roof is also essential in winter.

The difficulty of the repair work depends on the damage observed, but also on the type of coating. Among other things, elastomeric roofing is more difficult to repair since it requires a flashlight to handle. One thing is certain: the services of a professional like us are required to avoid further damage or accidents. At Toiture Couvreur Saint-Sauveur, our work is covered by a commercial insurance policy for the duration of the project.

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